Danisco’s GRINDSTED®PGE 308 tackles problem of poor antifog performance in laminated multi-layer films

Until recently, good antifog performance in laminated film has been a perennial problem and a tough challenge for processors as the antifog property is often required in a thin metallocene LLDPE sealing layer which in itself has proved difficult.  Add a lamination process and most antifogs fail to meet the expected level of performance.

But help is at hand:  GRINDSTED®PGE 308 from Danisco is a new antifog recommendation for multilayer and laminated PE film structures which has proved to work exceptionally well and outperform conventional antifog solutions in these very demanding applications.

‘GRINDSTED® PGE 308 performance in co-extruded film is excellent and is not significantly adversely affected by a lamination process.  Trials at customer premises have been particularly successful and we are now recommending the use of this innovative, bio-based antifog for all coextruded and laminated PE film solutions’ enthuses Bjarne Nielsen, Senior Applications Manager in Danisco’s Plastic Additives Department.

 ‘Customers have also been impressed by its full Food Contact Approvals and global regulatory profile and so the combination of Performance and Safety make for a winning formulation’ he adds.

To discover more about how GRINDSTED®PGE 308 could solve your antifog problems in laminated multi-layer films contact Bjarne Nielsen directly on bjarne.nielsen@(if you can see this please update your browser)danisco.com or call (45) 8943-5341


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