Danisco solves the antistat headache in injection-moulded impact co-polymer PP containers

A small injection-moulded impact co-polymer polypropylene container is the most commonly used option for a wide selection of packaging for both food and non-food products alike. 

However, problems stemming from static charges are a constant worry as many commonly-used antistat solutions do not address the problem effectively.

DIMODAN® HPL 70 from Danisco is now being promoted as the best and most reliable antistat performance in impact co-polymer polypropylenes providing immediate and effective dust protection for long term use.

‘The efficiency of DIMODAN® HPL 70 is unmatched and exceeds performance of competing conventional antistat solutions’ says Philippe Dumont, Sales Manager.  ‘We have concrete evidence that DIMODAN® HPL 70 has proved itself as the most effective way to maintain the fresh, clean appearance of thin-walled containers such as margarine and sour cream tubs, yoghurt cups and paint pails during storage’ he added.

To discover more about how DIMODAN® HPL 70 could solve your antistat problems in impact copolymer polypropylene applications:

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