Danisco Bio-based plasticiser finds role in bone research

A Scandinavian research facility is finding that GRINDSTED® SOFT-N-SAFE is ‘just perfect for embedding bone specimens in MMA for inspection and analysis’.

The University of Aarhus, Denmark. has been investigating bone tissue obtained in connection with hip replacement surgery and the bio-based plasticiser is being employed as the plasticiser of choice to soften the methyl methacrylate in which the specimen is embedded.

‘Once the bone tissue has been obtained during the operation it is fixed in ethanol and subsequently embedded in MMA containing the GRINDSTED® SOFT-N-SAFE. After polymerisation the MMA blocks can be cut in 7-µm-thick sections on a microtome, stained and mounted on a microscope slide and the finished sections inspected and analysed’ comments Rita Ullerup, lab technician at the University’s Department of Anatomy.

‘In order to be able to cut these thin sections it is very important that the MMA and the embedded bone tissue have the same hardness - GRINDSTED® SOFT-N-SAFE is ideal for this operation in every way’ she continues.

GRINDSTED® SOFT-N-SAFE is the world’s leading bio-based plasticiser and its use in medical, surgical and dental applications is growing rapidly.  ‘Customers are finding that the product is perfect not only for plasticising PVC but PET, PMMA, PLA and a whole host of other polymers.  And the Global Regulatory profile is second to none’ highlights Gwyn Pickering, Global Business Development Manager for Danisco Plasticisers.


Danisco have conducted extensive testing on the GRINDSTED® SOFT-N-SAFE to prove its safety for use in the medical industry and in March 2010 presented further findings to the meeting of the Society of Toxicologists in Salt Lake City.  ‘The combination of its easy processing capabilities, safety profile and the fact that the product is not derived from finite, oil-based resources ticks a lot of boxes for Processors and Brandowners alike’ continued the Danisco spokesperson.




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