Danisco additives offer reliable anti-fog performance in thin metallocene PE sealing layers

Metallocene PE polymers are now widely used in various food packaging film applications as their excellent heat sealing properties are highly prized.  However, the heat seal layer is often only a few microns thick and imparting good anti-fog properties to the polymer can be a tough challenge.

Performing well at low usage levels and suitable for a variety of different film constructions (including multilayer co-extruded and laminated film), GRINDSTED® PGE 308 is a particularly efficient additive and is designed to provide excellent, highly reliable anti-fog properties in these difficult applications.

‘GRINDSTED® PGE 308 has been extensively tested in the market and has a proven track record with major manufacturers worldwide’ reports Bjarne Nielsen, Senior Technical Manager Plastic Additives.  ‘Our customers are delighted that Danisco’s safe, non-contentious glycerolester chemistry offers reliable performance in even the most demanding applications’ he continues.

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