Anti-fog excellence in Polypropylene Food Packaging from Danisco

The growing popularity of polypropylene food packaging applications has created a need for new solutions to counter fog formation.  Danisco has developed two new products for the purpose, providing improved and reliable anti-fog performance in a broad range of hot and cold fog applications.

GRINDSTED® PGE 909 is designed to provide high cold fog performance in cast and BOPP film at 1.5-2.0% and GRINDSTED® PS 426 at a loading level as low as 0.7-1.5% is an excellent choice for hot fog performance in both film and thermoforming applications.  Additionally, these globally-approved food-grade solutions ensure their worldwide acceptance.

Bjarne Nielsen, Senior Applications Manager, Plastics Technology reports:  ‘In our tests the Danisco PP anti-fog recommendations have proven efficient in numerous applications and are now the preferred and recommended solution at a number of key players in the market.  GRINDSTED® PS 426, for example, rapidly displays strong anti-fog functionality and this remains excellent throughout the lifespan of the packaged product’.

To discover more about how GRINDSTED® PGE 909 and GRINDSTED® PS 426 could solve your anti-fog problems in PP packaging applications:

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