True ‘Sustainability’ is not represented by the single issue of ‘environmental sustainability’ alone but a combination of People, Planet and Profit, none of which can be ignored – the ultimate aim being to ensure the survival and profitable expansion of our polymer industry. 

Our Plastic Additives – founded on Danisco’s bio-based Food Ingredient chemistry – comprise an efficient range of products that compete favourably against chemistries used for decades but now questioned due to safety concerns:

  • Technical Competency
  • Excellent Safety profile
  • Excellent Environmental profile

...and a global regulatory profile second to none:
Danisco’s Antistats offer added efficiency in most polyolefin flexible and rigid packaging applications compared to conventional antistat solutions.

The Anti-fog range consists of high purity PE anti-fogs together with our latest addition:  the first effective anti-fog for PP on the market.

The Mould Release field covers general purpose mould release and anti-static agents for rigid polyolefin packaging and non-hazing additives for highly transparent random copolymer polypropylene injection moulding applications.

SOFT-N-SAFE™ Plasticiser for PVC responds to growing consumer and legislative pressure for safe and sustainable alternatives to phthalates and other plasticisers where in the past Processors and Brandowners have needed to make either technical or regulatory compromises.  A novel acetylated monoglyceride derived from hydrogenated Castor Oil, SOFT-N-SAFE™ belongs to a class of natural oils and fats that are globally approved as direct food ingredients. 


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